Changing mobility is one of the most important global challenges. The expansion of electric mobility is a key to decarbonisation but it faces many challenges. A better understanding of potential target groups is crucial to accelerate this process. In addition, overall transport behaviour needs to change to become more socially equitable and improve overall quality of life. Despite these needs, consumer ‚car centric‘ thinking remains entrenched and moving away from the internal combustion engine is difficult.

To better understand approaches to changing consumer choices, we invite you to join our event to discuss recent research findings from our consumer research working groups in the field of (electric) mobility.

July, 22 2024


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Program July, 22

Time Title Speaker
13.15 –  13.45 Who are the resistors? Exploring consumer resistance to zero emissions vehicles in Canada. Zoe Long
13.45 –
Transitioning to „electric automobility“? Consumer engagement with automobility and electric vehicle preferences in Canada.  Viviane Hippmann Gauer
14.15 –
Overview on the Panel Study MobilKULT. Josephine Tröger
14.30 –
The role of Automobility Engagement for car use and car use reduction intentions in Germany. Marvin Helferich
15.00 –
Summary and Discussion. moderated by Elisabeth